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Botox, Prejuvenation, and Embracing the Aging Process

Humphrey Cosmetic Dermatology, Prejuvenation

In our practice, aging is celebrated.

We avoid the term “anti-aging”, because it positions our progress through life as something to fight or postpone, and we avoid over-indexing on youthfulness as an indicator of beauty.

With age comes life experience, self-awareness and confidence — all of which we find truly beautiful. After all, our laugh lines remind us of a life well-lived.

We’ve talked about our philosophy on positive aging before, and it’s really the cornerstone of our approach. As patients become familiar with our perspective on aging, they often want to know how they can adopt it in their own day-to-day routines and how it will manifest in their customized 360° plan.

Our prejuvenation principles

In your gilded 20s…

One of the most effective ways to embrace the aging process is to start prioritizing skin health early. Wrinkles and eye creases may not be staring you back in the mirror just yet, but building a strong foundation now can set you up to embrace the decades to come.

Prejuvenation starts by establishing a repeatable, evidence-based, at-home skincare routine, with items like a daily SPF sunscreen and a retinol. It can also mean considering prevention of dynamic wrinkles (from regular, common expressions) with treatments like Botox Cosmetic® microinjections to help keep the earliest signs of fine lines at bay.

It’s the first step to preserving your natural beauty.

Complementary combinations

As you age with confidence…

Progressing into your 30s, 40s, and beyond, is all about building upon your foundation — whatever that may be.

If, in your prejuvenation years, you followed a simple sunscreen and moisturizer recipe as many do, we’ll find complementary products to start enhancing your daily at-home routine.

If you’ve already incorporated injectable treatments like Botox Cosmetic®, we’ll consider adding complexion procedures and maybe skin tightening treatments into the mix, taking slow, steady steps to see the cumulative benefits of a conservative, combination program over time.

Starting early gives you a chance to set strong intentions, build great habits, and start to really understand the skin you’re in.

But, whether you’re starting at 25, 45, or 65, the same philosophy holds true: it’s our mission to help you embrace, appreciate, and celebrate the aging process, feeling better about yourself with each passing year.

Connect with us to learn more about how our approach to prejuvenation and positive aging can help you reach your goals and age with pride.

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