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Michelle Addison’s EMFACE® Experience

Facial aging is a complex, three-dimensional process. Age-related changes in one anatomical layer—skin, fat, muscle, or bone—cause a cascade of changes to adjacent layers.

EMFACE® is the newest addition to the H&B lineup and the first and only treatment to simultaneously address both the skin and muscle. The treatment combines radiofrequency with electromagnetic stimulation to lift the face and brow and improve wrinkles and fine lines. On average, patients see 37% less wrinkles, 23% more lift in the face, and 30% more muscle tone.

For Michelle Addison, fashion stylist, actress, and longtime H&B patient, EMFACE® felt like a natural fit for her personalized 360° treatment plan. Today, she’s agreed to share her treatment experience with us.

Why were you interested in adding EMFACE® to your 360° treatment plan?

Honestly, when I saw the results with the women at the clinic and how the clinic was literally buzzing with excitement, I knew I had to try it for myself. I saw immediate results and am loving the treatment so far.

My skin goals include maintaining skin elasticity and looking good without makeup (I work out a lot, and I want to feel confident without cover-up). I also want to feel my best when I am on camera – I don’t want to think about certain angles when I am trying to be present in my acting.

Tell us about your treatment experience!

I like to schedule early morning treatments – I just roll out of bed and head down to the clinic! They instructed me not to wear any makeup or jewelry, and of course, I had a coffee in my hand before I could even ask for one.

I laid down on the treatment bed with a grounding pad attached to my back. They put a sticky pad on each of my cheeks and forehead. When the treatment started, it got slightly warm under the pads and then started to contract. It felt like body-pulse or the treatment you get at the physio for your muscles when you have a broken bone! It felt a bit weird at first (like little aliens in your cheeks), but then I relaxed and eased into it.

It was not painful, but it definitely felt like your skin was tensing, stretching, and relaxing. The treatment lasts about 20 minutes, and then they remove all of the tape etc., and you are ready for the day.

What results have you noticed?

Now that I have had the treatment a few times, I really like my skin after the treatment – it feels super glowy. The very next day, I honestly looked more awake and hydrated. My eyes are more open, and my cheekbones more defined.

What do you think patients considering this treatment need to know?

It is such an easy add-on to any treatment! It’s quick, easy and effective. I probably would do it every time I came in if that was allowed! It’s like a workout for your face, and don’t we all love the results of a good workout?

If you’re interested in learning more about EMFACE® or how this treatment may fit into your 360° plan, don’t hesitate to reach out or speak to us at your next appointment!

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