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Jenny Paraggua is Many Women

Jenny Paraggua is many women.

She is a matriarch, not only to her own family, but to the Humphreys as well. She is trusted to calmly and effortlessly manage the household to the nth degree, loving and caring for all those in her charge. 

She is a wife and mother to three brilliant and accomplished children, and she loves spending time with her family. 

She is a proud Filipino-Canadian. Jenny singlehandedly earned her Canadian citizenship and sponsored her husband and children’s immigration to Canada. 

She is entrepreneurial. Jenny’s work ethic is off the charts; in addition to her responsibilities in Canada, Jenny owns and manages a real estate holding back in the Philippines. 

She is an exquisite cook. She loves food, and when cooking she carefully chooses the best ingredients and takes such pride in the presentation of her meals. In her off time, Jenny often hosts multi-generational dinners for her friends and family.

She is a quiet, unsung hero, adored by all those whose lives are enriched by existing in her orbit.

Jenny Paraggua is each of these women, and her positive aging plan fits the sum of each and every one of her parts. 

Before coming to Canada 11 years ago to work with Dr. Humphrey, Jenny was living and working in Hong Kong to support her family in the Philippines. Now that she and her family are together in Vancouver, Jenny is able to focus on the things she loves: her children, cooking, entrepreneurship, and her health. 

For Jenny, aging gracefully and feeling as healthy as possible as she heads through her fifties are important goals. She recently turned her health around by focusing on her fitness and working with a nutritionist, and is feeling better than ever. Her 360° treatment plan at Humphrey & Beleznay Cosmetic Dermatology is another way she cares for herself. She’s dedicated to her at-home skincare routine, which incorporates medical-grade skincare products recommended to her by the H&B team. She prioritizes regular Clear + Brilliant® and microneedling treatments, with healthy, glowing skin, and even complexion at the forefront of her goals. Jenny is, by all accounts, a remarkable person who is making a difference in the lives of so many, but she’s not striving to be the perfect woman—because that woman doesn’t exist. A 360° plan need only fit the one beautiful soul it belongs to… and there is only one Jenny Paraggua.

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