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Dr. Katie Beleznay is Many Women

Dr. Katie Beleznay is Many Women

She is a wife and mother to two amazing boys, Jacob and Henry.

She is a physician. A board-certified dermatologist in both Canada and the United States.

She is a fitness enthusiast. Beyond her own fitness, she loves exercising with her family. You may find her running on the seawall while Jacob pedals alongside, taking family hikes in the North Shore Mountains, or on the Pickleball courts with her husband and boys.

She is a teacher. Dr. Beleznay is a Clinical Instructor with the Department of Dermatology at the University of British Columbia, and regularly lectures at conferences both locally and internationally. She enjoys sharing educational content on various social media platforms, and while she may not be ready to call herself a social media “influencer” just yet (though she’s one of the top Canadian dermatologists on Instagram and Tik Tok with a combined audience of over 200K), she’s always happy to hear that one of her posts has helped someone better understand or manage a skin concern.

She is a lifelong learner and modern-day multitasker, always learning and keeping up-to-date on what’s new and innovative in the world of cosmetic dermatology, often while on her treadmill or Peloton bike. Dr. Beleznay has also taken courses in psychology and leadership, and is an avid podcast listener.

She is an author who has published more than 40 peer-reviewed articles and textbook chapters, and serves as a contributing editor for the journal Dermatologic Surgery.

She is a natural results advocate. Her treatment plans achieve meaningful, yet subtle and natural changes to refresh the skin and instill confidence. She strives to help people feel their best now, with an emphasis on prevention, so that the skin can maintain a healthy appearance for years to come.

She is a small town girl… at heart. Dr. Beleznay grew up on a farm on Northern Vancouver Island, riding horses and having picnics with her pet pot-belly pig and goats. She also used to drive draft horses (Clydesdales) competitively. Despite having now lived in Vancouver for 15 years, she says the hat of “small-town girl” still fits, though she admits that her desire to rough-it in the back country, or shovel out the barn, has certainly waned over the years.

Dr. Katie Beleznay is each of these women, and her positive aging plan fits the sum of each and every one of her parts.

When it comes to the topic of aging, in both her personal and professional life Dr. Beleznay prefers to focus on aging gracefully–or positive aging. Her 360° approach to treatment planning and patient care is truly holistic, considering all factors that can contribute to aging including the skin, its underlying tissues, one’s lifestyle, individual goals, preferences, and beliefs. She utilizes all modalities at her disposal, from skincare and lasers to injectables and skin tightening devices to help bring about greater self-confidence and well-being.

A 360° approach is also reflected in Dr. Beleznay’s personal relationship with aging and beauty. She prioritizes sleep, healthful foods, physical activity, balance in her work life, and of course, the religious use of SPF. In fact if she could give her younger self—or any young adult—one piece of advice, it would be not to underestimate the impact of UV exposure and to protect your skin as best as you can from the sun.

Dr. Beleznay practices what she preaches. She’s not striving to be the perfect woman—because that woman doesn’t exist. Luckily, a 360° plan need only fit the one beautiful soul it belongs to… and there is only one Dr. Katie Beleznay.


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