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Cat Ferguson is Many Women

Cat Ferguson is many women.

She is a fiercely dedicated wife, and mother to her daughter Giselle. Her commitment to anything of true meaning is unwavering, but never more than to her family.

She is a globally recognized aesthetic dermatology nurse. Cat is the perfect combination of expertise in aesthetic dermatology, excellence in customized top-tier patient care, and the consummate nursing team lead. She is enthusiastic, ultra-efficient, and incredibly knowledgeable in her field. Day-to-day Cat juggles first-class patient care, negotiations with business partners, daily office functions, and active collaboration on presentations, papers, book chapters and other scholarly activities.



She is a fitness fanatic, committed to her health and wellness, and a devotee of Kondi Fitness classes.

She is a connector of people. If you ask the team at H&B, one of Cat’s super powers is connection. She’s known for organizing social activities and group events, and inspiring others to participate. She leads by example, and offers her patients and team encouragement and support every step of the way.

She is a style guru. Cat’s day-to-day style is envied. She has perfected the art of high/low dressing – mixing luxury items with affordable trends, and is often recruited by co-workers for hallway style consults.

Cat Ferguson is each of these women, and her positive aging plan fits the sum of each and every one of her parts.

Cat’s journey to the world of aesthetic dermatology is fascinating and serendipitous. She began her career as a Registered Nurse working in a clinical ward, before moving on to working with surgical skin cancer patients. As fate would have it, she found herself working with Dr. Alastair Carruthers, as he and his wife Dr. Jean Carruthers pioneered the development of Botox® for cosmetic use. This began Cat’s foray into the world of cosmetic dermatology; she immediately sunk her teeth in and became the expert’s expert. In the decades since, Cat has seen the evolution of cosmetic practice—from the treatment of lines and wrinkles to the customized, curated 360 degree treatment approach that she teaches and practices at Humphrey & Beleznay Cosmetic Dermatology—and the development of every treatment modality along the way. She’s had a front row seat to innovation in the cosmetic space, even playing an active role in aesthetic clinical research.

Cat knows better than most that each 360 degree treatment plan is as individual as the patients they serve. In her daily work, she sees each individual patient for who they are. She discovers how they want to age, what their preferences are, and their tolerability for downtime. And when it comes to her own treatment plan, she is the embodiment of the notion that aesthetic treatments are just one piece of the holistic wellness puzzle. Cat eats well, stays active, and prioritizes sleep. When it comes to her cosmetic treatment plan, she demonstrates the individual and customizable nature of the 360 degree treatment approach by taking her own preferences into account. As someone who is admittedly “very pain averse,” she avoids treatments that are particularly uncomfortable, and focuses on those that improve overall skin quality with minimal discomfort. Having struggled with melasma in the past, she has found in recent years that adding Laser Genesis to her plan to target the vasculature of melasma has really not only improved her pigment but is enjoyable for her.

Cat is absolutely one of a kind. She’s not striving to be the perfect woman—because that woman doesn’t exist. A 360° plan need only fit the one beautiful soul it belongs to… and there is only one Cat Ferguson.

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