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Gillian Segal is Many Women

Gillian Segal is many women. 

She is a wife and mother to two young daughters, Gigi (5), and Coco (2) who are the lights of her life. Motherhood, she says, is something that has provided inspiration and strength in other areas of her life and career. 

She is a world-renowned interior designer. After working for years with some of Vancouver’s top design firms, Gillian branched out to share her own unique point of view, and her modern eclectic aesthetic. Her interior design work has since gone on to be recognized and shared by some of the top shelter publications including Architectural Digest, Elle Décor and The New York Times among many others. 

She is an ambitious entrepreneur. She founded Gillian Segal Design Inc.—where she remains as Principal Designer—on her own, but now proudly employs six others, all of whom are powerful women under the age of 40. 

She is a renaissance creative, who from a young age has had a passion for the decorative arts. She continually draws inspiration from decades past, old movies, and her travels. 

She is a philanthropist to her Vancouver community. Not only has Gillian Segal Design taken on a number of pro bono projects, Gillian also acts as an ambassador for BC Women’s Hospital Foundation where she co-chairs a committee committed to raising funds and awareness for the foundation and issues surrounding women’s health.

She is a woman in pursuit of balance. The segments in her life that bring her so much joy, purpose, and energy—being a great mom, a supportive wife to an equally entrepreneurial husband, and a passionate interior designer and business owner—can also exhaust and deplete her. Some days, she feels she’s handling it all with flying colours, while on others she feels she’s not doing anything well enough (a feeling most, if not all, parents can surely understand). She strives for balance by being present in the moment; when she’s at home, she’s spending time with friends and family. When she’s at work, she’s pushing boundaries and conquering business goals. 

Gillian Segal is each of these women, and her positive aging plan fits the sum of each and every one of her parts. 

For Gillian—a long time lover of all things aesthetic, from art and fashion to interiors and architecture—Humphrey & Beleznay Cosmetic Dermatology’s 360° approach was a natural fit. Growing up with a father who was a physician, Gillian once had ambitions of becoming a plastic surgeon, a career that she thought perfectly married art and science. Though she pursued a different career path, this perception—that art and science intersect—still permeates her perception of aging and beauty, and has certainly influenced her choice to pursue a positive aging plan. 

A self-proclaimed beauty product junkie, Gillian views fashion, makeup, and her beauty regimen as a kind of armour, preparing her and helping her feel confident and ready to conquer whatever may come. Her at-home skincare routine and the cosmetic treatments she pursues are an extension of this self-care routine. When balance and “doing it all” seem impossible, making time for her appointment at H&B, or spending 15-minutes for her skincare routine feels like a luxurious moment she can gift to herself, and one that she looks forward to (and can make time for once the kids are in bed). 

Aging healthfully and gracefully are top of mind for Gillian, which for her means embracing and showcasing her natural features, and focusing on preventative care and maintenance. Long term benefits are more important to her than immediate results (although those, she admits, are nice too). Her 360° positive aging plan allows her to preserve her truest sense of self and feel like the best version of herself as she ages. 

She’s not striving to be the perfect woman—because that woman doesn’t exist. A 360° plan need only fit the one beautiful soul it belongs to… and there is only one Gillian Segal.

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