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Marilou Appleby is Many Women

Marilou Appleby is many women.

She is a REALTOR® in Vancouver, with over 35 years in the real estate industry. At 68 years old, she still enjoys every minute of the business.

She is a proud mother and grandmother, lucky enough to work alongside her son and his husband—who just welcomed her first granddaughter via surrogate—in real estate. Her daughter, a surf instructor, keeps her in shape and serves as her best friend.

She is a bride-to-be. Fun fact: Marilou asked her partner to marry her, and the wedding is planned for September.

She is an avid cyclist and surfer. She and her partner love cycling together. As for surfing, Tofino is her home away from home, where her daughter has convinced her she is a capable surfer.

She is a dog lover. Dogs are a must in Marilou’s home. Rose is her current rescue, joining ‘Lita and Mowgli.

She is active in her community. Marilou lives in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side and is committed to staying involved through working with Odd Squad Productions (OSP). This non-profit was founded 26 years ago by Vancouver City Police Officers with a mandate to empower youth to make positive life choices about drug use and criminal behaviour through educational material and documentaries. Through fundraisers like their annual golf tournament, OSP delivers phenomenal school presentations throughout Canada and internationally.

Marilou Appleby is each of these women, and her positive aging plan fits the sum of each and every one of her parts.

For Marilou, skincare has been a priority for years, though that wasn’t always the case. Her teenage years were spent baking in the sun, oblivious (as many were) to the consequences. Humphrey & Beleznay Cosmetic Dermatology came along at just the right time. Marilou’s personalized 360° treatment plan prioritizes sun damage repair and proactive treatments to ensure a healthy future for her vibrant skin and soul.

Marilou has always prioritized stress management, diet, and exercise in her life; she remembers her mother once saying “if the world was ending, Marilou would fit in one more workout.” These priorities have served her well as a strong foundation for holistic wellness, and the team at H&B have introduced her to another piece of the puzzle: cosmetic dermatology and skincare. Her approach to cosmetic treatments is measured and thoughtfully paced, and Dr. Humphrey and her team have listened to and respected her hesitations every step of the way, making recommendations that are in line with her needs, goals, and preferences. Her best advice? Put your trust in a team of true professionals, not salespeople.

Marilou’s 360° plan isn’t about looking younger, but about looking and feeling her best. She’s not striving to be the perfect woman—because that woman doesn’t exist. A 360° plan need only fit the one beautiful soul it belongs to… and there is only one Marilou Appleby.

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