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The Evolution of Treatments for the Neck and Chest

Humphrey Cosmetic Dermatology Neck and Chest Treatments

Cosmetic dermatology evolved with a focus on the face. It’s natural, of course: the face, the eyes, the lips steal all the glory as the focal points for human communication. Therefore, clinical research and industry advancements began with the face; the first indications for all of the OG cosmetic treatments addressed the face. Now, a new day has dawned ….

Treatments for neck and chest are highly anticipated and clinically proven

With such tremendous advancement to facial skin rejuvenation, our attention only more recently moved to the neck and chest, and in the nick of time for many. As we relish the capabilities of modern medicine to restore health and vitality to the skin on our faces, we have realized how the neck and chest are now stealing attention, for better or worse; discolouration, sun damage, age-related bumps, wrinkles and laxity on the neck and chest are all the more obvious for sharing the stage with our healthy, vital faces!

Treatments for the neck and chest

There are now as many opportunities for the neck and chest as there are for the face. For one, the skin of the neck is as exposed as the skin on the face. With its favourable angle to the sun during summer and its repeated creasing through side and tummy sleeping, the chest is also vulnerable. Just as we care for the face, we should care for the neck and chest for desired improvements to collagen, wrinkles, discolouration, pigmentation, sun damage and laxity.

Injectables (like BotoxⓇ Cosmetic and DysportⓇ) can relax vertical ‘bulldog’ platysmal bands. HA microdroplet injectables (like Juvéderm VoliteⓇ) enhance hydration and softness, restoring skin health across the neck and chest. Complexion treatments such as IPL Photorejuvenation, Clear + BrilliantⓇ and microneedling yield noticeable improvements to discolouration, pigmentation and tone. Skin tightening treatments (like UltherapyⓇ) can also be strategically applied to lift the neck and boost collagen across the chest.

We are also very excited to be pioneering clinical applications for innovative new technologies for age-related lumps and bumps such as sebaceous hyperplasia, seborrheic keratoses and dermatofibromas.

Likely, you are beginning to understand the vast applications of our most trusted treatment modalities and how they are applied to the neck and chest for even more comprehensive and authentic programming for skin health and positive aging.

Skincare for the neck and chest

Last but certainly not least, the same skincare fundamentals for the face now apply to the skin on the neck and chest with one caveat: that tinted SPF. To elaborate: we encourage you to extend your daily skincare routine to the neck and chest in its entirety and apply an untinted SPF to the neck and chest … to save your wardrobe! Cleanse, hydrate, correct and protect the skin on your neck and chest, particularly as you undergo neck and chest treatments, every day of the year. Choose trusted, evidence-based skincare. Teach your children to do the same. There is so much to be gained from meaningful, daily rituals like skincare.

Lastly, we all know your perfect skincare routine will differ from your best friend’s; it will evolve with the seasons, it can enhance your treatment outcomes and prolong results when suitably tailored to you and your personal treatment plan. We’re excited to help you discover what is possible.

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