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Nurse Sandi’s CoolSculpting® Experience

Humphrey Cosmetic Dermatology, Vancouver, British Columbia

There are certain areas of the body that may resist even the most diligent lifestyle adjustments, and the submental region—also known as the double chin—is one of them. A double chin is often an early sign of aging, and one of the most stubborn to overcome. Because you can’t hide your chin, fullness in this area can spark insecurities. With CoolMini™️, a CoolSculpting® applicator perfect for treating small areas, it’s possible to freeze targeted fat cells to give you a profile that inspires confidence and pride.

Our beloved Nurse Sandi was unhappy with her submental area and decided to address her concerns with a targeted CoolSculpting treatment. To give you some insight into this treatment and how it may support your individualized goals, she’s answering some questions about her experience and results.

1. Why did you decide to have a CoolSculpting® treatment?

I was looking to treat stubborn fat in an area that diet and exercise weren’t helping. I decided to address my double chin with CoolSculpting because I wanted a treatment that had little to no downtime.

2. Can you walk us through your CoolSculpting® experience?

My CoolSculpting experience was very easy. One of the nurses provided an in-depth consultation to assess my chin and my expectations. Together we decided that a CoolMini would be the most appropriate treatment to address the tissue under my chin. We did a series of applications, each of which took 45 minutes. I decided to do the treatment over two days, which worked well with my schedule.

3. What did the treatment feel like? Did it hurt?

Humphrey Cosmetic Dermatology, Vancouver, British Columbia

Initially, I didn’t know what to expect. First, the area was marked with a pen and cleansed with a wipe to protect the skin. A moderate amount of jelly was applied to the area under my chin where the applicator would be placed, and the final step was placing the applicator in the right spot. After correct placement, the machine drew the tissue into the applicator and supportive straps were applied to ensure it would stay in place. The nurse ensured I was comfortable and then the cycle was started.

During the first few minutes it started to feel cold, which then subsided until the last seven minutes of the cycle which felt cold again. I was provided with some entertainment (Netflix) and before I knew it, the treatment was done! Following the removal of the applicator, I was given a vigorous massage, which I was told was necessary to break up the frozen subcutaneous fat that was just treated. It was uncomfortable, but tolerable as I knew it was necessary to achieve the best results.

4. What was the recovery like? Was there any downtime?

For the first few hours following my treatment, the treated area was a bit red and warm, but by that same evening the redness and warmth had subsided. There was some minor swelling for a few days, but no one noticed but me. I felt like I could go about my daily life without feeling self-conscious about my swelling.

5. Would you recommend CoolSculpting® to a friend?

Absolutely! It’s an easy and effective treatment with little to no downtime.

6. How long before you saw an improvement?

After a few weeks, I started to notice the tissue starting to shrink. I am now four weeks post treatment, and I notice a huge improvement. Full results can take up to 12 weeks, and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result!

7. What’s one thing you think people should know about CoolSculpting® before deciding to have a treatment?

I think people should know that having a consultation prior to treatment is essential to getting all questions answered. CoolSculpting can also be used to contour other stubborn areas that aren’t responding to diet and exercise, not just under the chin!

If you’re curious about how CoolSculpting may fit into your 360° plan, don’t hesitate to reach out, or speak to us at your next appointment.

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