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Susie Wall is Many Women

Susie Wall is many women.

She is a mother to two daughters, ages 13 and 16, and a rescue Shar Pei named Greta The Magnificent. 


She is a style expert. More specifically the National Style Contributor for The Morning Show on Global TV, and at other moments in time a stylist, style columnist, fashion editor, creative director, brand spokesperson and ambassador. 

She is both a creative and an entertainer who wears many hats. She has been a TV host, an actor who plays a TV host, a radio personality, a content creator, and even spent over a decade as a red carpet entertainment reporter for eTalk – a role that allowed her to utilize a unique skill in her toolkit. As Susie explains it, when interviewing stars on Hollywood red carpets, you have only a few seconds to really engage with someone, and in that same window you also have to disarm them in a way. If those moments are broadcast live, whether it’s the GRAMMYs or the Emmy Awards, you’re in a whole different kind of pressure cooker. Susie thrives within the friction and contrast and charm of that space. 

She is a camper, who, when she’s not styling clients for glamorous events or interviewing stars on the red carpet, hitches up her little silver airstream (by herself, btw) and bounces to spend time in the great outdoors. 

She is an interior stylist, a creative endeavour that allows her to cross over into a world that fuses her deep love of form and function (with a sprinkle of her trademark brand of punk attitude).

She is a (humble) surfer. Thanks to airstreaming Susie took up surfing at the age of 43 – one of the most beautiful and humbling experiences of her life. When explaining what surfing has taught her, she quotes Kary Mullis who once said: “Sometimes in the morning, when it’s a good surf, I go out there, and I don’t feel like it’s a bad world.” And yes – she always wears her SPF!

She is an advocate and mentor to women. Second to being a mother, this is the hat Susie is most proud to wear. Whether she’s mentoring aspiring fashion or broadcast students, or volunteering as a front line operator for a domestic violence support crisis line, supporting mothers, women and those who identify as women in her community is a deep and passionate priority.

Susie Wall is each of these women, and her positive aging plan fits the sum of each and every one of her parts. 

As someone whose 1980s skincare routine used to consist only of a giant bar of Clinique soap, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, and cherry Chapstick, Susie wasn’t introduced to the world of medical-grade skincare and cosmetic dermatology until she reached her mid-thirties. Although her skin was depleted—from travel, years of TV makeup, and two young children—and caused her to look as tired as she felt, she thought she still had plenty of time. On a trip to LA, her friends—most of whom worked in fashion or media and were way ahead of the game—encouraged her to get started. When she returned from her trip, she booked a consultation with Dr. Humphrey, and has lived and breathed the benefits of a 360° approach to cosmetic intervention for more than a decade since.

Today, the 360° approach to cosmetic intervention is baked into her lifestyle and schedule. Skincare and personal wellness have become high priorities for her, and though her plan may ebb and flow based on her changing needs, it’s an integral part of her well being that she refuses to compromise on. While being on national television is a great motivator for looking her best, Susie has always gravitated toward a more natural approach and result. While some might call her goalposts slightly conservative, she’s guided by her own standards that she defines quietly to herself, and no one else, though her definition of beauty is largely influenced by her own mother, who at 84 years old has never had any cosmetic procedures and is one of the most beautiful women she has ever known. 

For Susie, feeling and looking her best is something that permeates so many areas of her life, and her relationship with Dr. Humphrey and the team at Humphrey & Beleznay Cosmetic Dermatology has become one that she values deeply. She’s not striving to be the perfect woman—because that woman doesn’t exist. A 360° plan need only fit the one beautiful soul it belongs to… and there is only one Susie Wall.

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