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The Sneaky Lift: A Non-Surgical Face Lifting Technique

Humphrey Cosmetic Dermatology, Vancouver, British Columbia, The Sneaky Lift

If you have ever stood at the mirror, fingers in hairline … and lifted, read on:

The Temporal Lifting Technique, first published in scientific literature in the publications cited below and later coined “The Sneaky Lift”, is a treatment which lifts at the hairline and temple for an immediate rejuvenation to the brow line, eye lids and all downward skin structures.

It’s a subtle yet noticeable lift to the eye area for an instantly refreshed and well-rested appearance. After her first Sneaky Lift treatment, a recent patient of Humphrey Cosmetic Dermatology noted, “I recognize my eyes from a decade ago. My eyes haven’t been this open and awake in 20 years.” It’s no wonder it’s quickly become a favourite of Dr. Humphrey’s, and we predict we’ll be seeing more of this treatment in 2022!


The Sneaky Lift involves the strategic placement of filler along the hairline to give a little lift around the eyes and upper face. When the filler is applied just right along the hairline, lifting can be measured right down to the jawline, and results can last anywhere from several months to a year.

How it works

Using a cannula, we inject a relatively firm hyaluronic acid (HA) filler under the hairline at the temple. By lifting what’s called the SMAS – a fibrous layer of fascia around the muscle in the temple – all of the downstream fascial tissues are lifted with it in a very intentional way.

A skilled, experienced injector is essential. If too much filler is injected into the hairline, it becomes too heavy, and you may not see a lift in the lower face. With just the right amount of filler, our tiny fibrous connections allow for non-surgical lifting magic.

Why we love it

When performed by a cosmetic specialist, The Sneaky Lift is a relatively straightforward, predictable procedure with an easy recovery. The gel injected under the hairline isn’t visible; what we do see is a very natural, subtle improvement in light reflection and lift from the lateral eyebrow and eyelid down to the jawline. Because the lifting happens under the hairline, there is less risk of looking unnatural.

Discover what The Sneaky Lift could offer you – discuss this treatment at your next visit.

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