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Why It’s Important to Question the Science Behind Skincare

The reality in our industry today is that cosmeceutical producers and distributors aren’t often held to a high standard of evidence-based medicine. This means, sadly, that skincare lines can make a lot of claims without the research to prove them.

As an active clinical trialist, I feel that we’re at a critical tipping point where doctors and patients alike need to demand the science behind all claims made by skincare products. The good news is that we’re moving in the right direction. Products like SkinCeuticals’ CE Ferulic and SkinMedica’s TNS Essential have set the bar for evidence-based claims.

This is what differentiates recommendations by board-certified dermatologists from anyone else — whether that’s your mother, the drugstore clerk or a retail associate at a luxury department store. Their intentions may be in the right place, but the promises they are making aren’t always backed by science.

At H&B we have carefully curated a small selection of high quality, evidence-backed products. These products are transparent about their ingredient list, effective in their results and — most importantly — safe to use. This is precisely why our patients achieve the results they’re seeking.

One of my favourite clinically researched products is SkinMedica’s HA5. There is clinical data that shows an increase in skin moisture content by 15 minutes and this supports the claim – Instant Benefits. I know as someone with dry skin, I see and feel the instant benefits, but I also feel confident as a dermatologist recommending this product because I know it has been studied in a controlled clinical environment.

If you want to put your skin health first, and ensure your skincare program is evidence-based, drop by our boutique or chat with us at your next appointment.

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