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Introducing Skinbetter Science

At C&H, we love supporting women who are achieving great things in the field of cosmetic dermatology. This is why we are excited to introduce Skinbetter Science, a collection of backed-by-science products brought to us by a woman who has dedicated her career to cosmetic medicine.

With over thirty years of experience, Sharon Clarke is truly a pioneer of safe and effective skincare in Canada and beyond. Her career in cosmetic dermatology started by chance in the early 1990s. This was an interesting time to join the cosmeceuticals space. “I’ve grown with it,” she describes. “I’ve seen it transition from its earliest days.”

In the late 90s, she started her own distribution company, which expanded to carry surgical products for 12 companies and launched JUVÉDERM® in Canada. As a single mom at the time, Sharon needed to get ahead, but she also wanted to get more out of her career. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of the patients she was impacting indirectly.

In 2014, after dedicating 25 years to world of skincare, Sharon sold her business. “I thought it was time to move on.” But as a lifelong risk taker, who first left home at age 16 to chase her dreams to Paris, the worst possible option was always to stand still and stop growing. Sharon soon realized that she still cared about making an impact in the lives of patients — she just wanted to do it differently this time. “I want a very different kind of company now; one where I always have a close relationship with the physicians I sell to. Less clients, better relationships.”

Sharon credits her previous success to strong physician partnerships. “It was never just about selling product into a practice,” she explains. “It was about educating a team and working with them to understand if it was the right fit for their patients. That’s what I love about Dr. Humphrey — she gets that it’s always about the patient first.”

When she decided to return to the business world, Sharon was drawn to Skinbetter Science for their shared views on skincare. “They’re determined to bring a product to market that’s backed by science.” The team made it an even more obvious fit. “These women who are a part of my organization are truly my partners in this business. Together we want to bring a new level of elegance to skincare.”

The Skinbetter Science products we’re proud to carry at Carruthers & Humphrey are designed to help our modern maintenance and advanced aging patients reach their skincare goals with confidence.

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