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Your Preference Matters

When I’m designing a skincare regimen for a patient, there are two main areas of consideration that go into each decision. The first is easy: science. What is the science behind the product or ingredients that makes me confident that this will assist my patient in achieving their skin goals? This is the easy, obvious one — but the other isn’t so straightforward.

When I’m applying my current regimen of Skinbetter products, for instance, my internal talk track is so positive: about the texture, the feel and look on my skin, the design of the bottle and its pump, the smell. This full experience matters, even though none of these things necessarily impact my results. The double hit of confidence in the science coupled with alignment to your personal preferences — making these products that you look forward to putting on — is what makes it easier to stick to the routine over time and achieve the results you’re after.

The reality is that, not only does a skincare regimen have to deliver from a science and safety perspective, it has to match a patient’s preferences, goals, and value. Next time you’re applying our skincare products, slow down and take note of what you do and don’t like. Do you prefer a squeeze bottle over a pump? A light product or something rich and hydrating? Something fragrant or fragrance-free? Do you care about how a product looks on your shelf?

A personalized plan doesn’t just mean a selection of products that will best set you up to achieve your desired outcomes — it’s a curation of products that delight you in every way. Don’t settle for skincare products that do anything less.

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